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We always wanted to do something on the net about travels because we never found what we wanted on other travel blogs. Before doing a travel we always browse the Web in trying to find our way or the ways to better spend our time abroad.

All that preparation work is always left aside and/or lost. So now, that blog is the way to share it with everybody !

With pointsdepassage.com we can now present the french speaking public with trip advices, routes, places … everything we have tried when being there. From the simple city trip to the longest travel we write/wrote every single experience down.

We choose french because most of the travel sites are in English and we wanted to give a spin for once.

Making such a comprehensive blog takes a lot of time and we thank wordsbird.be for the big help and passion they put in. Next step would be a publication…who knows ?

Just pay a visit to it and enjoy. The site is also built on an in house framework above WordPress.