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Website : https://www.legaclick.com

Client : Cenotia

Industry : Law firms

We are proud to be partners in creating Legaclick with our fellows at Cenotia. Legaclick is a one of a kind project and we are proud to introduce it into Luxemburg’s Legaltech landmark.  Technologically it is the most advanced system we have been working on ever. While the legaltech industry is still heavily reliant on Windows software. Legaclick is a one true Web App solution introducing a wind of fresh air in Luxemburg’s Legaltech landmark. Legaclick has succeeded in integrating with Office tools without any additional installation than a web browser. It also integrates with your IP telephony. It is a true example that you don’t have to compromise between the integration of the existing and high-end technology and features.

Legaclick has been developed, from the ground up, with lawyers as consultants. They defined how the tool should be.

We’ve delivered a fine open platform with a lot of innovations including strong electronic document management, analytical accountancy, law case management to its very core, time management, tailored made customizable workflows, strong business intelligence dashboarding and reporting, integration with MS Office, Google Calendar and much more.

Ease of use and security in mind and mobility, this management tool is a full cross-platform and cross-browser product. No third parties or specific installation needed.

Legaclick is, hand down, the best legaltech web app on the market. It is available in english, french, spanish and dutch.

If you are a law firm, have  look on the Legaclick landing page.