Fifteenpeas is an association of professionals in and from the web era. Our team is variable depending on the project we work on, and that is totally transparent ! We scale to your size for efficiency.

While based in Luxemburg, a European business central place, we travel a lot and we try to build intra European partnerships with other tech lovers like us.

Our clients can count on a wide range of services to completely support their brand on the Web and also outside the web. We try to position ourselves in a kind of single point of contact in IT & design.

Technologically speaking, we specialize in platforms such as WordPress and PHP MVC frameworks. But our field of expertise is much more larger as we also provide BI consultancy (ETL, SAP BO, …). That large field of expertise gives us vantage points and several insights on any Business.


Don’t hesitate in contacting us for more information.

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