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XSS Vulnerability (Cross-site Scripting)

Cross-site scripting (XSS) is a web application vulnerability caused by insufficient output escaping. It allows attacker to inject JavaScript code into your site pages. For example, if your website has comments, an attacker may add the following text as a […]

Know your market !

When working in the field of web development, it is necessary to have a firm grasp of the market. you must the identify the products and technologies which are clearly supported by the market.

DOTCLEAR : a WordPress alternative

Sometimes, you simply don’t want machine-gun to kill a fly. In the world of blogging systems, WordPress is the king, but if you don’t want that solution you can still have something else without loosing functionality. Yet the community is […]

Silverstripe : the CMS from New Zeeland.

In the vast jungle of CMS software and framework available there is always the need to find the right tool for the right purpose. But it is also necessary to avoid going to much exotic or the expertise might become […]

The Setup: What do people use to get stuff done?

This is one fine web site if you wonder how you can approach the Web industry but you don’t know how. The setup makes the portrait of professionals using three questions: Who are you, and what do you do ? […]

SKELETON, more than a web site starting point

If you’ve been on the Web development field for a while, you’ve probably developed already some framework or boilerplate that constitutes the core features/code of all your creations.

Display your text with beautiful fonts using CUFON

Not so long ago, if you wanted to display nice thick crispy fonts on your site you had to create images of your text. Then appeared nice solutions such as sIFR, facelift or other image replacement techniques. All with pros […]

Get used to frameworks ! Part 2

Has we’ve seen in the previous part, the history of web development has been evolving to a kind of programming state of the art involving techniques and best practice principles. All these principles are aimed to make a whole web […]

The Smashing Book – The little book of great web Design

Yep, I’ve just got my Smashing book and I couldn’t wait to read it through. If you’re in WebDesign or interested in WebDesign Smashing Magazine is definitively the website you should check/bookmark and subscribe to their rss feed. Everything you […]