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Webfonts : Expand your typography stacks

I’m going here to avoid Google WebFonts and talk more about the fonts that you buy and that are more and more provided with a “webfont” package.

SKELETON, more than a web site starting point

If you’ve been on the Web development field for a while, you’ve probably developed already some framework or boilerplate that constitutes the core features/code of all your creations.

Display your text with beautiful fonts using CUFON

Not so long ago, if you wanted to display nice thick crispy fonts on your site you had to create images of your text. Then appeared nice solutions such as sIFR, facelift or other image replacement techniques. All with pros […]

Get used to frameworks ! Part 1

I'd like to consider this as an introduction to a mini series of posts which will guide you through the intricate, vasts, and sometimes tedious, ways of the web development market to the full completion of a web project using a framework.