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Sometimes, you simply don’t want machine-gun to kill a fly. In the world of blogging systems, WordPress is the king, but if you don’t want that solution you can still have something else without loosing functionality.

Yet the community is less important than WordPress but DotClear still is a fine quality piece of software which will do what you are asking for without a problem.

It is a fine contender which is just waiting for you to give it a try. I installed it and browsed its features and it’s just perfect. As for the theming, if you are used with templates system then you will be at ease to build your own themes.

It also features an antispam system, a multiblog feature from one single installation, full localization,  rss feed, import/export form one one blog to another, …

The CMS uses also a plugin system which extends its functionality. And yes, you can also use it as a CMS.

Go and get it at www.dotclear.org

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