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I think it is important to note that, while the EUVAT 2015 will bring headaches to the providers of e-services, it won’t affect a classic eCommerce website selling goods and from which only the ordering system is used electronically. Here goes an extract of the explanatory note that goes with that new european law :

Transactions not covered by the 2015 changes
The notion of ‘e-commerce’ when commonly used covers various types of economic activity, including supplies of goods or services carried out over electronic systems such as the Internet. Not all of those activities are covered by the VAT changes that will enter into force on 1 January 2015. In particular the following activities are not covered by these changes: 1) the supply of goods (including distance selling) where use is made of electronic systems only to place the order, and 2) the supply of services other than telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic services. These types of transactions are not included in the arrangements for the mini One Stop Shop (MOSS).
The scope of the 2015 VAT changes is limited and, as explained above, only covers telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic services. Those changes are relevant only insofar as the customer is a final consumer.

Extracted from the TAXUD’s explanatory note found here

So, if you plan to sell goods online, just don’t be afraid of this law.

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