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In the vast jungle of CMS software and framework available there is always the need to find the right tool for the right purpose.

But it is also necessary to avoid going to much exotic or the expertise might become a problem instead of an asset.

SILVERSTRIPE has revealed to offer true flexibility faster  than no other CMS did. In fact, the CMS is just an application built on the Sapphire Framework. Thus, it is up to you to use the framework and go far beyond a simple CMS solution.

We’ve found Silverstripe to be a kind of crossover between Joomla and YII. But that is not all. If you decide to use pure html without using the framework, it will work too !!

Silverstripe comes with a wealth of modules that will extend the classic CMS features to photo galleries, integration with googleMap services, a blog system, payment solutions and much more.

On Silverstripe.org you’ll be able to also find themes and widgets. Easy to install, easy to use, extend and customize.

This is surely a very good alternative to other CMS solutions.


Try it at silverstripe.org



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