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If you’ve been on the Web development field for a while, you’ve probably developed already some framework or boilerplate that constitutes the core features/code of all your creations.

Well, sometimes we do not think about everything and that is why it is interesting to turn to others solutions like….SKELETON.

Created by Dave Gamache, Skeleton is described as

A Beautiful Boilerplate for Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Development

And that exactly what it is. By downloading Skeleton you already have implemented features such as :

  • Responsive Grid Down To Mobile (based on 960 grid)
  • Style Agnostic : no ui library used
  • Strong typography hierarchy
  • Nice slick buttons
  • Simple tabs using jQuery
  • Styled forms
  • Use of media queries to best fit your target

And everything is very accessible and easy to use.  No cryptic code and not too much features (that usually you have to strip off from such kind of initiative).

SKELETON is a real streamlined, with just what you need, starting point for a website developement.

Visit http://www.getskeleton.com and give it a try.

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