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Information technology can not be seen today as it was before. The technologies have mature and enable/demand the global vision of the whole Enterprise.

It is not advised anymore to solve issues overlooking stakeholders and the other systems within the company. More and more, inside systems tend to have a part accessible from the outside, not only for the sake of mobility but also to enable automated self services for clients/prospects.

The simple fact of enabling the convenience of self service through the  company’s portal becomes an sale’s argument on its own. The whole digital layer of the company becomes an ecosystem capable to adapt because it becomes open to the change. If it could be better, I would suggest to go to tailored made tools and not ready made products. The whole advantage is a full control from beginning to the end of the digital layer.

There are here two points of view: Or you choose a tool that will structure you or you build a tool that adapts to you. No solution is bad. It depends on the stage you company is. But one solution will evolve with your company : a tool that adapts to your structure.

The costs war is missing the ROI

We could argue that this would cost more, but nowadays development technologies/frameworks are dramatically reducing the development times, thus, the costs. The return on investment is greater then a close vendor solution which might be hard to adapt. The fact of mastering the tool from the start will shorten the workflow to adapt or add new features.

The company will not spend time anymore to asses ready made solutions and try to choose the better one. Having its own environment is the best solution if it is built on long existing, community supported technologies : for example PHP, AngularJS…

Just to cite one company that really succeed: Facebook !! They’ve used PHP to build the starting point of the company. No doubt that with an adequate open source tehnology they can do whatever they want and need.

In my point of view, tailored made digital solutions will bring Saas + mobility + open API + agility + evolution for as long as the underlying technology is widely used and, more important, its implementation derives from a global vision of the whole company a thorough business analysis).

For the global vision, we trust a company like CENOTIA who is able to produce totally independent Business Analysis.

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